Upcoming VELaSSCo evaluation sessions (November 3-4)

The VELaSSCo platform is now approaching to its final stages. We would like to invite experts on the field to evaluate the final platform at an on-line event starting on November 3rd.

The format of the event will consist of two webinar sessions on the 3rd and 4th of November to welcome participants and provide an overview of the VELaSSCo project. The purpose of the webinars will be to familiarise participants with the project's two visualisations clients; GiD from CIMNE and iFX from Fraunhofer; and with the plug-ins that connect these to the VELaSSCo platform. There will also be an introduction to the use cases for the evaluation event and the accompanying questionnaire. User panel members will have until the 11th of November to complete their evaluation and submit the completed questionnaire.

By hosting the event online and leaving the platform open to access for over a week, it allows you, the user panel member, time to complete the tasks at your own pace and will reduce the load on the platform from many concurrent users. In order to provide access to the platform for the event please could you let us know of your intention to take part in the evaluation event either by contacting us through our contact page.