VELaSSCo DEM Model to be part of ISO standard

We are pleased to announce the initiation of the standardization process of the VELaSSCo DEM model into an ISO standard.

Our colleagues from Jotne recently launched a proposal to the ISO to extend the standard ISO 10303-209 (AP209) into an edition 3 with the DEM model developed in the project.

Jotne issued a document in December 2016 to the working group 12 of the subcommittee 4 for industrial data of the Technical Committee 184 for Industrial Automation Systems and Integration. Within the document the steps to extend the AP209 standard taking into account the DEM model are explained. This is a long process that will take time, as it is reflected in the document, but it is in itself a major result of VELaSSCo, This is another sustainability path and a good example on how the research carried out within the project may affect the way the industry takes results coming from the project in the future