VELaSSCo Plugins

One of the main objectives of VELaSSCo is to provide support to combine in-situ processing and query-based visualization (QBV) with modern OpenGL and GPU-based techniques. Advanced features of state-of-the-art graphics cards and modern OpenGL programming allow for new result representations and faster image generation of complex scenes while maintaining interactivity and intelligent analysis using graphics hardware on a local workstation.

The features implemented in VELaSSCo are query based (considering user requirements), supporting user interactivity, scalable and taking advantage on efficient modern GPU-based visualization techniques. 

Several advanced rendering algorithms to the engineering data have been integrated so far into the two VELaSSCo visualization clients.(GiD and iFX): by means of the so-called VELaSSCo Plugins.

Material related to the two visualization plugins can be found here::

  1. Presentations related to GiD Set-up, GiD Tutorial and Barcelona Model
  2. A demo of the GiD plugin
  3. Presentations related to DEM Models (Fluidized Bed and Rail Embankment)
  4. A demo of the iFX plugin
  5. iFX Set-up, iFX Tutorial, Barcelona Model and DEM Models (Fluidized Bed and Rail Embankment) and video

We defined and specified the modalities how the user can trigger these interactions for all groups and started to implement them in the visualization clients. An example of different modalities for user interaction in GiD as well as some views of the VELaSSCo plug-in integrated in GiD is shown below::

GiD Client

To be able to efficiently develop GPU shader programs we developed and integrated an editor directly into the visualization client. The image below is showing the use of the GPU tesselation / geometry shaders to visualize the results of a particle simulation. By using this technique we can reduce the computational load on the CPU by generating the geometry (in this case spherical particles) directly on the GPU.

iFx Client

More information can be found in WP4 public deliverables.