VELaSSCo presented in the GiD convention

M.Pasenau talking about @VELaSSCoProject a postprocessing platform for distributed results #BigData #GiDconvention

The GiD convention is taking place in Barcelona June 1-3 2016.

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INRIA to present VELaSSCo at the HPC-BIG DATA day in France on 2nd May

Bruno Baffin, from INRIA, will give the introductory presentation titled "High Performance Data Analytics for Numerical Simulation" at the HPC-BIG DATA day in France.

Bruno will give an overview of some research work that either developped their specific map/reduce stack for analysing scientific data or relied on classical Big Data stacks, based on the work done in the Velassco project.

Announcing GiD Convention 2016

CIMNE is hosting the GiD Convention 2016 (Barcelona, 1-3 June 2016).

The objective of the 8th edition of the GiD Convention is to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualization of numerical results. Furthermore, the 13rd version of GiD will be released in the frame of the GiD Convention, and the new features of the new version will be presented.

Upcoming presentation of VELaSSCo at the CaXMan Workshop

The VELaSSCo project coodinator, Dr. Abel Coll, is giving a presentation of VELaSSCo in the scope of the "Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing" (CaXman) Project Workshop to be held in Barcelona on May 2nd 2016. This workshop is a side event of the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF 2016), a major conference.

This worshop will give VELaSSCo the opportunity to meet professionals and fellow researchers of projects such as CaXMan, ComMUnioN, McSuite, Idealism or Maya.

VELaSSCo evaluation events

Two simultaneous evaluation events of the VELaSSCo platform took place in Barcelona and Edinbourgh February 4th 2016.

Job vacancy as researcher in Software Development

A job vacancy as researcher in Software Development is currently available for VELaSSCo project in the University of Edinburgh.
We are looking for a candidate with good programming skills (eg, degree in Computer Science, Software engineering, Computing) and experience in high-performance computing and Hadoop/MapReduce. More details about the position can be found at

An article about VELaSSCo in the HORIZON Magazine

"Stopping big data from blowing our minds", an article written by Damien Pearse about VELaSSCo and other EU funded project about big data, has been recently published in the HORIZON Magazine. The article describes the how the project deals with big data in order to provide visualisations of complex simulation results in a user-friendly way.

VELaSSCo will be present in the T-MAPPP kick-off meeting.

T-MAPPP (Training in Multiscale Analysis of multiPhase Particulate Processes and systems) is an Initial Training Network funded by FP7 Marie Curie Actions with 10 full partners and 6 associate partners. The role of the network is to train the next generation of researchers who can support and develop the emerging inter- and supra-disciplinary community of Multiscale Analysis (MA) of multiPhase Particulate Processes.

Kick-Off meeting of the VELaSSCo project: A FP7 project of the EC, coordinated by CIMNE, for developing the most advanced visualization tools to deal with huge amounts of simulation data

On Tuesday 14th January, a group of European experts on computing engineering applications attended the kick-off meeting to officially launch the VELaSSCo project.