VELaSSCo Open Source code available in GitHub

The VELaSSCo software developed within the project has been recently released in GitHub.

Material for the Nov 2016 VELaSSCo Evaluation Event (updated with video recordings)

Welcome to the material page for the VELaSSCo Evaluation Event

ECCOMAS VELaSSCo presentation

Talk and a presentation in the last ECCOMAS conference by Miguel A. Pasenau: "Towards the Petabyte era: postprocessing and visualization for computational engineering: VELaSSCo"

ECCOMAS 2016 (, the European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, took place on the 5 - 10 JUNE 2016 in Crete, Greece.

VELaSSCo Official Poster

New version of the VELaSSCo Official Poster delivered for dissemination purposes

VELaSSCo Poster at the PARTEC conference

Poster and paper to be presented at the PARTEC 2016 conference 19 - 21 April 2016 // Nürnberg. 

Modelling Geometrical Big Data Using Locally Refined B-Splines

Presentation given by Heidi Dahl (SINTEF) at the Geometrical Big Data Sciences micro-workshop at GDSPM15 Conference

A Hadoop distribution for engineering simulation

Abstract— In this paper, we discuss on the VELaSSCo project (Visualization for Extremely LArge-Scale Scientific Computing). This project aims to develop a specific platform to store scientific data for FEM (Finite Element Method) and DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulations. Both of these simulations are used by the engineering community to evaluate the behavior of a 3D object (for example fluid simulation in a silo). These simulations produce large files, which are composed of different time steps of a simulation. But the amount of produced data is too big to fit into a single node.

Stopping big data from blowing our minds

Damien Pearse, interview to project partners at the Horizon Magazine - 20 October 2014

Resolving vulnerability identification errors using security requirements on business process models

Journal on Information Management and Computer Security (IMCS) 2013
Volume 21, Issue 3, relevant pages 202-233