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Atos is an International Information Technology Services company with 2012 annual revenue of EUR 8.7 billion and 77,100 employees in 52 countries.

Serving a global client base, it delivers hi-tech transactional services, consulting and technology services, systems integration and managed services. Atos focuses on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their
firm of the future. It is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market.

Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) is the research, development and innovation hub of ATOS and it is a key reference for the whole Atos group. ARI is located in six cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Santiago and Valladolid in Spain and Istanbul in Turkey. ARI is organised in fifteen Sectors addressing the needs of the well established markets of the company (e.g. Public, Health & Transport, Finance Services, Telecom, Media & Technologies, Energy & Utilities, and Manufacturing, Retail & Services).

From a technological point of view, ARI consists of eight Labs developing new technologies in their respective innovation fields. ARI is one of the key players of Future Internet in Europe, being member of the Steering Committee of the FI PPP, EFIA (European Future Internet Alliance) and Vice-President of ES.INTERNET, the Spanish Platform of Future Internet.

ARI is a founding member of the several European platforms and initiatives, such as NESSI, eSafety Forum, Net!works, ARTEMIS, NEM, EOS and Nanomedicine, and also at a National Spanish level (LOGISTOP, eMOV, Railway, Maritime, eSEC PROMETEO, INES, etc.). ARI has performed around 300 R&D&I projects since 1987.

ARI is represented in VELASSCO by the ARI Knowledge Lab, specialized in Big Data, semantics and language technologies, with wide ample experience in EU projects (BIG, FIRST, Khresmoi, VIRTUOSO, VPH-Share, TaToo, NeOn, LUISA, TAO, SOA4All, IntelLEO, among others).

Prior experience: Atos/KL have a proven track record on FP7 projects dealing with big data and data analytics technologies, such as BIG, FIRST, Khresmoi and VPH-Share. In VELaSSCo ATOS is leading WP5 on evaluation and to tasks related to the realization of a big data architecture for VELASSCO and WP6 related to dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes of the project.

People involved: 

Tomás Pariente works as chief architect and technical coordinator for EU-based projects in semantic, language and big data technologies in ARI, where he is currently the Head of the Knowledge Lab. Tomás is coordinating the EU FP7 project FIRST, and is working actively in BIG, a FP7 coordination action on Big Data. He worked on several EU projects such as Ontologging, SmartGov, OntoGov, INFRAWEBS, TAO, NeOn, LUISA, SOA4ALL, FIWARE and TaToo, and participated in several Spanish R&D and commercial projects.

Iván Martínez is a senior researcher in Atos Research and Innovation. He graduated in Computer Science from Technical University of Madrid. In recent years Iván participated in natural language processing, cloud computing, Semantic Web and Big Data related projects. He has contributed to national research projects such as PLATA, and other European Semantic Web Services related project, such as SUPER and SOA4ALL. Previously in GLOCAL project and currently in KHRESMOI and VPH-Share projects, he is leading the system architecture and is in charge of cloud and scalability issues.